Title: Noor
Curated by: Bruno Corà
Aun Gallery, Tehran [Iran]
Date: 11 September – 6 November 2015



“She shoots the arrow of Noor light, from her eyes.
The flashes become entangled in a dense embrace, burning and pure.
The flower of light blossoms in the Persian dawn of the Albortz mountains and settles among the pines of Rome.
All happens in an instant, an infinite time ago and NOW”. (Bizhan Bassiri)

Light (in Persian, Noor) is the key element in the work of Bizhan Bassiri displayed in the exhibition inaugurated in September 2015 in the Aun Gallery of Teheran. The solo show is a counterpart to the artist’s exhibition in Teheran’s Museum of Contemporary Art, curated by Bruno Corà and Fabio De Chirico.
Bassiri uses the natural light and architectural features of the Aun Gallery as integral elements of his installation. Inner light and historical references radiate the eternity of each work of art while the viewer’s physical and philosophical point of view is actually a crucial element of the installation as well as a means to understanding. Accompanied by four mythological creatures, the sacrificial animal is replaced by a beast that bears the weight of thought emerging from its remote depths in a land called Teheran. Each one reflects all the others and raises the question of infinite transformation. This installation of bronze, magmatic stone, steel and paint offers the opportunity to explore the authenticity of the objective scrupulousness within each sculpture and the power of the installation as a whole to define the space. In the end, the artist succeeds in blending the visual and semantic aspects of his two different cultures.
The term Noor refers to the natural light that integrates Bassiri’s Specchio Solare sculpture with the space around it, freeing it from its primary function as a reflective surface to transform it into a place where light becomes form.