Title: Il Canto del Tempo
Curated by: Anna Imponente
Location: Certosa e Museo di San Martino – Polo Museale della Campania, Naples [Italy]
Date: 27 June 2019 / 5 July – 29 September 2019

Il Canto Del Tempo

Certosa e Museo di San Martino, Naples

‘Il Canto del tempo’ is a particularly interesting experiment because of the shock it creates between the Baroque of the church, which looks upwards towards the sky, and an entirely different culture with its sense of immanence, which comes downwards from the cosmos onto the earth. The exhibition is an event bringing together diverse artistic expressions yet, thanks to their evocative interaction, we are able to experience them fully. It is truly an example of total art, uniting representation and its tactile values with poetry and music, which is invisible.” (Anna Imponente, Director of the Polo Museale of Campania)

On 27 June, the Certosa di San Martino welcomes the ‘Evento Manifesto del Pensiero Magmatico’ entitled ‘II Canto del Tempo’, prelude to the exhibition opening on 5 July, ‘Vesuvio quotidiano, Vesuvio universale’, curated by Anna Imponente and featuring works from the 16th century up to the art of today.
The beautiful Baroque setting of the church reinforces the cosmic feeling communicated by Bassiri’s Meteoriti. Two of the bronze lava Meteoriti are positioned outside the Charterhouse while the third is found inside in the centre of the nave (Evaporazione rossa) (Red Evaporation).
A suggestive itinerary – along which Guerzoni’s voice creates an invisible bond between the artwork, the church and the visitors – makes palpable the connection to the magmatic condition, between the Earth and the cosmos, which puts the individual in his natural creative condition. Viewing from the side chapels, the public turns its attention to Bassiri’s Evaporazione rossa, positioned to look down on the nave from above. Thus, ‘Il Canto del tempo’ becomes an ephemeral and sonorous expression, the heart of the Manifesto of Magmatic Thought that underlies the artist’s every action.
In this setting, the works of Bassiri meet the voice of Alessandro Guerzoni, accompanied by Luca Fusco on the guitar performing music by Stefano Taglietti and Nicola Sani. The result is an unusual and highly poetic musical performance, preceded by a reading by Bruno Corà of his text, Fuoco Gioiello.