Title: Il Canto Del Tempo [The Song of the Time of Magmatic Thought]
Curated by: Anna Imponente
Location: Certosa e Museo di San Martino- Napoli [Italy]
Date: 27 June 2019

The Song of the Time of Magmatic Thought

Certosa e Museo di San Martino, Napoli

“Time, was produced together with heaven…
Time was produced on the basis of the model of eternal reality, so it would be at the highest similar level as far as possible.
There is no time without us and it is not enough life just once, to say this.”
Time is the fifty-eighth and the last sentence of the Magmatic Thought Manifest.
TIME is the inexorable blow that rotates incessantly on the sundial of silence and inclined to destiny is racked in the belly of life.
On the Time column there are engraved with 58 sentences of the “Magmatic Thought (1984-2018)” Manifest, sculpted in cuneiform script in 240 lines and 12m in height. The column is in white Carrara marble.
On the extremity of column is positioned a Meteorite (la Bestia), in black patinated bronze, height of 3 metres. The total height of the work is 15 meters.
The artwork is self-supporting and does not require ground anchoring…”

Bruno Corà