Title: Eventi Tellurici
Curated by: Asia Mandic
Location: Collegiumartisticum, Sarajevo [Bosnia]
Date: 16 September – 6 October 2002

Eventi Tellurici

Collegiumartisticum, Sarajevo

Ars Aevi Manifesto
Art overcomes evil and destruction.
Investment in culture is a strategic savings.
Culture accelerates economic and social development.
Intercultural dialogue enriches.
The universal language of art unites.
Ars Aevi: A new international network for contemporary art
Sarajevo – Multicultural Capital

With a series of works entitled ‘Eventi Tellurici’ in Sarajevo, Bassiri presented a wide range of his artistic production. He proposed the major exhibition ‘Erme” at the Galleria Civica Collegium Artisticum with 120 sculptures, created the sculpture La Bestia for the “Sarajevo – City of Sculpture” project, organized a piano concert by the composer Stefano Taglietti based on his own text La battaglia dei centauri, took part in the “Arte in Movimento” project by painting a rain of meteorites on the tarpaulins of trucks that had transported his works to Sarajevo, and was the focus of Dialoghi Notturni, a programme of discussions between students and visitors with internationally famous artists and critics, supporters of Bassiri’s work, including Bruno Corà, Amnon Barzel, Loràn Hegyi and Lucrezia de Domizio Durini.

A few months after the inauguration of ‘Eventi Tellurici’, in 2003, Bassiri returned to Sarajevo to the National Theatre with his Evento Manifesto del Pensiero Magmatico. Originally created in 1990, the event involved a series of poetic declarations that become dramatic tableaux, using different artistic modes – theatre, poetry, music, performance, sculpture and drawing. All in all, the event confirmed Bassiri’s close ties with Sarajevo, a city fascinated by his spirit, his energy and his dynamism.