Location: Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran [Iran]
Date: December 2, 2018


Niavaran Cultural Center, TEHRAN - 2018

The 57th declaration from declarations series of MAGMATIC THOUGHT(1986-2018) by Bizhan Bassiri and his exhibition title presented in 57th Venice international Biennale -2017- as representative of Iran contemporary art in this artistic event.

Bruno Corà was critic of this exhibition and Majid Molanoruzi was Commissioner and Curator of this exhibition.
The black sculptures (Hermes), golden Stick Snake(Bastone Serpe), Books stand (Leggii)with handwritten poetry books; also, Dice of Fate (Dadi della sorte) with light continuous linear radius over this volumetric set and combination of four colors (white, black, red mercury and golden) all represent visual effects of pulsation (Tapesh) in visual interpretation and amalgamate the sense of domination on the time beyond physical confinements with what is transferrable to art.
In order to unveil the Bizhan Basiri’s book; The Night of Music with Avaz-e-Zaman has been set by signing of Shahram Nazeri, composing by Nicola Sani, and playing piano by Fabrizio Ottaviucci. This program will be held by collaboration of Ministry of Islamic Guidance, Niavaran Cultural Center and Dastan Gallery.