Being for the first time on the crater, I felt the magmatic condition as if it were blood circulating through my veins and in my brain in its creative state. Since then, I have been the guest of that temple where phantoms take shape and stones resemble enormous animals.

1. Images precede awareness.      2. Do not bring any psychological pattern with you.      3. Time and history are absent.      4. It grows from the primordial earth.      5. An artist contemplates in an eternal condition.      6. The volcanic sun contains unremitting creativity.      7. The sun is in a pure state and its eternal life, like the creative mind, is devoid of every sense of preservation.      8. Light comes from within a work.      9. An intense explosion occurs and the resultant energy is materialized and re-explodes ad infinitum.      10. The existence of a work of art in the world is a meteorite coming from the cosmos; it belongs not to the earth but appears upon it.      11. The fabric of magmatic artwork is an organic fabric. Its smallest part contains the same quality and energy as the work in its entirety.      12. Divine strength and that which is devastating are contained within a work.      13. A work’s body is a closed one and it expands in metaphysical space.      14. It is not born for the good or evil of humanity, nor to criticize it: its only aim is a successful extreme subtlety and to extract itself from all perturbation.      15. A work is not reflected in the world’s mirror but in its own. Each time a reflection is created, an image revealing a coincidence is born, creating a mental landscape that flies from the mind. The potential for intuition and fortunate coincidence is giddily expanded, to the point of reaching the greatest combination of good luck: 6-6.      16. Dice are numbered from 1 to 6, on 6 sides. The combination of these establishes the odds while the concealed parts remain as if invaded by mortal life and destined to downfall. Between 2 contenders, the one with the highest combination wins. The higher the combination, the purer the luck appears to be, the maximum being 6-6.      17. Destiny’s dice are marked with a 6 on each of the 6 sides and open the match to an unalterable combination, like art and its fundamental rules that never change, from time immemorial.      18. An object disappears in magmatic thought and matter acquires its own image.      19. The sovereign image lasts without suffering from time; this feeds and rejuvenates it.      20. An artwork ceases to exist at the very moment it crosses into what is real.      21. The problem of visual art is a visual one.      22. All of our 5 senses precede thought. A work cannot originate as an illustration or a realization of a project. This would mean coming in last in the order of events.      23. A successful work stops to watch. It does not offer solutions and is an emblem which, the more it is excavated, the greater the possibilities for excavation become. The various disciplines of consciousness originate from this continuous excavation: philosophy, sociology, psychology, anthropology, politics, theatre, film, fashion, architecture, cuisine, chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering, medicine, plastic surgery, organ transplants… up to the most radical fields of research for immortality.      24. Immortality is only verifiable by death. The immortal is buried within values that it, itself, creates.       25. Artists remain in a the firmament of humanity, like stars, to orient anyone with the desire to look upward.      26. In the abysses and elevations of the imagination, thinking of the lives of objects is possible only in the world of art.      27. Its form is the consequence of its compositional nature and the motivations that generate it always stay the same: the anticipation of reason and will.      28. An artist is subject to the laws of transcendence until the work appears to him.      29. The infinite cannot intend and cannot restrain itself.      30. In the case of religions, miracles are the vehicles for announcing the manifestation of the life of what is inanimate. Were a miracle to happen because of its very nature as a fount, born of an inexplicable reason, it would continue infinitely, plunging everything around it into itself as if it were a chasm.      31. Nothing comes from nothing.      32. Dreams, breathing and the colouring of the face distinguish the sleeping from the dead.      33. Reflections pouring superciliously from the heights immediately evaporate.      34. In diluting itself in modernity, ever more constant is the density of the wine flowing through the earth’s veins that nourishes the eternal intoxication of Polyphemus.      35. Battles must be hot-bloodedly faced: that way the wounds heal painlessly.      36. A will to disorient lingers on the horizon of a magmatic work.      37. A mirror, in magmatic thought, reveals itself as the source of light and escapes the task of reflecting.      38. Not all men are artists.      39. Chess sets off two functions. First, a cooling of emotions. Second, an intensifying of the concentration in the regions of the brain given to calculation, to prevention, to the safeguarding of one’s own skin and to accomplishing a defeat of the adversary. As regards magmatic thought, chess is the game most removed from the games of art and life.      40. Swords arises from the lava soil sharpening themselves and concentrate vertical resistance within themselves.      41. Art avoids death. And, if necessary, it devours death and rises again.      42. The life of magmatic thought generates itself and flows incessantly down a one-way path.      43. A sarcophagus, keeper of the incandescent magma, reveals infinite visions to the oblivious dead man.      44. A beast hauls the cart of magmatic thought and emerges untiringly, without respite, from the remote depths onto smouldering lands.      45. In the cavern of the skull, a choral mass beats its canes and kindles thoughts in the head.      46. The dice of destiny are ruthlessly pounded on the anvil of life in the white-hot furnace until a 6 appears on each of their 6 sides.      47. In the magmatic thought, the author sips the mercurial blush and the poison of truth from the cup of the mirroring skull.      48. In the gold reserve of the magmatic thought, light takes shape and shape fades away in light.      49. The meteorite of unknown provenance is the intuition.      50. The vital hours that foreshadow vision last a lifetime.      51. In the temple of fate, in this calm, infinite sea of reflections, death is made from nothing.      52. In a hail of meteorites the damned are struck on the forehead and throw dice in the circle of fate to the sound of the screams wrenched out of their heads.      53. In artistic processes, when a vision is destitute, the mind turns to politics to stay alive.      54. All that’s left of the battle are ashes.      55. MOTLAQ dwells in each nature and rarely brings the black drop to light, as though it were a pearl falling into the sea without dissolving, but plunging into the depths.      56. NOOR, lets the light from her gaze and intertwine in a dense, fiery and clear embrace.      57. TAPEH is the heartbeat when emotion prevails over reason and generates a vision.      58. TIME is an inexorable blow that rotates tirelessly on the sundial of silence and, prone to destiny, it strives itself in the womb of life.