The Bizhan Bassiri Archive carries out an authentic service of the work as well as archiving in view of a General Cataloguing.

In order to start the work authentication request, it is required to send the documentation via Registered Mail to the Archive for an initial exam:

  1. Complete the preliminary technical data sheet in all its entries. Data sheet
  2.  Provide the following photographic material (paper and digital version):
    n. 3 colour photographic prints of the front of the work (A4 format);
    n. 1 colour photographic print of the back of the work without frame (A4 format);
    n. 1 colour photographic print of signature and/or inscriptions if present on the work.
    The same photographic material must also be provided in digital format by attaching a CD.
  3.  Attach a signed copy of the consulting agreement. [Advisory agreement]
  4. In addition, provide copies of all documents (essays, articles, reviews, invitations, press releases, loan cards for exhibitions, etc.) in which the work is reproduced or quoted.
  5. Send, in case of acceptance, the written authorization for publication in the General Catalogue of your name, by authorizing the processing of personal data (attach a signed copy of Consent to the processing of personal data). Without this authorization, the term “Private Collection” will be used.

In addition to this material, for the purpose of issuing the authentication, the Archive may request the work to be examined at its premises by the Author.
The opinion issued by the Archive will be communicated in the form of a certificate of attributability or non-attribution.
The authentication has to be charged and respects a fee based on the type of work (see authentication fees).